How to Self Publish Your Book:

Start off by writing down any key points you want to make in your book. Do a brain dump and just write down every point you can think of. You will not use all the points and you might add more later. Once you have an idea on what your book will be about, create a layout of how many chapters and titles (if you have them) and write within each chapter as you write vs. trying to write the total book then go back and break it into chapters. You can always move information around before your final draft.  I would suggest you set some time aside and write an hour or two every day.


(note) Before you start, I would encourage you to listen to the 8 videos on CreateSpace at the bottom.

Here are the minimum things (maybe not all) you will need to have in place or be working on in order to print your book:


A unique book title
Front and back cover
Page style top & bottom
Page setup
Font size and style
Table of content
All rights reserved page
Disclaimer & term of use
Index (optional)
ISBN & Barcode
US Library of Congress control number
An Editor
A graphic designer
About $150.00 - $560.00 (based on your editor & designer).


ISBN number and Barcode:  - 800.662.0701 x250
The most popular bar code is all you need.


Take the time to read the ISBN information by clicking on the above link. (note) If you select to use CreateSpace versus Lightning Source, it will create an ISBN for you for free.




US Library of Congress control number:


The Library of Congress is the nation's oldest federal cultural institution and is the largest library in the world, with millions of books, recordings, photographs, maps and manuscripts in its collections. You will want to send a copy of your book to have copyrights on the public record and have a

certificate of registration.



CreateSpace: is now KDP 


CreateSpace is a low cost way to publish your book also. KDP Amazon Kindle Dorect Publishing but I would highly encourage you to listen to these 8 videos by Mike with Killer Book Marketing. Click here to get a good idea on how to put your book together for print. These videos will give you a lot of information and help save you a lot of time on setting up your book. They will give you an overall view on style and format. Then use to set up your book.



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